Monday, March 26, 2012

Sushi night

Last month some friends and I took a veggie sushi class at a local natural food co-op.  It only cost $15, which was completely worth it considering we ate everything we made.  After discovering sushi at home seemed very achievable, we decided to have a sushi party to apply our new learning.  

In our original plan husbands were involved, but it ended up being just the women and kids.  Some of the men were gracious enough sacrifice a night of good food to go to my house and assist John with the installation of our new floors...funny, though, that when I arrived home later that night no progress had been made on the floors and empty beer bottles and cards had materialized on our bar downstairs.  
Being the seasoned teacher I am, I got all six of the kids to just sit and read quietly while we prepared the sushi. 

Yeah, right.  They look innocent and studious here, but this lasted only minutes.  It is actually a miracle we managed to pull this night off between reffing wrestling matches and dodging flying toys. 
We each contributed a variety of ingredients to use for the sushi.  It is more fun to have lots to choose from!
Even Sawyer got involved and enjoyed choosing his favorite veggies and making a roll.  He was excited to try sushi for the first time and loved it, as did Harper.  Next time I want to try and make a much smaller roll so he can eat each piece in one bite, possibly by cutting the Nori in half and adding less fillings.  It was kind of hard for him to bite through the Nori.
If you can't make it to a sushi class to learn from a professional, the next best thing is this quick step-by-step pictorial guide by Courtney...
Has anyone else ever tried sushi at home?


  1. Love the pic with all the kids sitting and reading!!!! Never had sushi, think I would like it?? You guys made it look really good!!!

  2. You know, I took this class when we lived together and was always most scared of cooking the rice as it is such a process but it looks like the Red Avocado guy really taught you all well! We will have to try when I am home again! But I want mushrooms in mine!