Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quickie Dessert


You know the people who get done eating and claim they absolutely have NO room for dessert?  What is wrong with these people?  I simply cannot relate.  I always feel like a little something sweet and chocolatey after I eat.  I have these wonderful memories of back in college when my roomie, Kara, and I used to polish off dinner with a heaping spoonful (or two) of frosting.  There were also the days when a handful of chocolate chips satisfied my craving.  I'd like to think these days, I have a bit more sophisticated (and healthier) taste for dessert.

One of my favorite healthy dessert blogs is Chocolate Covered Katie.  My sister introduced me to an amazing one minute chocolate cake recipe from this site.  It's great how it is, but also easy to make simple alterations to suit your craving.  I often add a bit of coconut extract or play around with the flours and/or sweeteners (personally I prefer the taste of sucanat to the stevia).  It pretty much turns out fantastic (in only a minute!) every time!

AND, this has also made my life easier when Sawyer fails to give me advanced notice of his imaginary friends' birthdays.  Now if he springs the news on me that it is Keeto's birthday on the morning of, we can whip up this cake in minutes and it's the perfect size for the two of them to share.

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  1. I thought our frosting lolipops were to stay at 2650 Roberts Rd. Apt 2B, what happened there stayed there, that's the rule I've been living by for 8 years, wow, it has been that long!