Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My very first blog post

I have journaled daily for over fifteen years.  

Every. single. day.  

Okay, so there have been sporadic days I have been unable to pick up my journal & pen due to a heaping pile of ungraded papers or a cuddly baby to rock (me) to sleep, BUT rest assured I stayed up a little later the next night to do my make-up work.  The result?  A trunkful of 30+ (and counting) journals in my storage room.  Will I ever read all of these again?  I don't know. But there is something inexplicably comforting about being able to tell someone what I did seven years ago last Tuesday if I wanted to.  Some say I am a bit obsessive about certain things...clean pillowcases, body combat, white teeth, chocolate, my kids.  I'm going to go ahead and add journaling to the list. 

So, over the last couple months I have popped in and out of various blogs.  I'm especially enticed by blogs focusing on healthy living/recipes.  I have been trying all kinds of healthy, often vegan, recipes that have caught my eye and also dabbled a bit in creating my own.  This has made me itch to start my own blog.  This won't take the place of my journaling, but it'll be nice to have a place I can share with others instead of just stuffing it all in a trunk downstairs.  

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